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Documentum version upgrade from 4.x to 6.5

Industry: Oil and Gas

Company: Our customer is the one of the world's largest energy companies in the world, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemical products for everyday items.

Summary: Our customer was utilizing an old/outdated 4.x version of Documentum to manage all their documents and contents of their asset management system (IBM® Maximo). Realizing there was significant risk in using an out of support product, as well as the need for additional functionality, the customer determined they needed to upgrade the existing system to the latest version of EMC Documentum version 6.5. The client identified the following items as a basis for justifying the upgrade: Documentum 4.x was no longer being supported by EMC® Documentum. The Hardware and running existing systems was inadequate, in terms of meeting the current and future demands for increased system performance and user’s response. The hardware and operating systems used in the production & test systems were reaching their end of life. The customer wanted to expand the use of their ECM system by delivering extended functionality to their user community which was available as out-of-box in Documentum 6.5.

Solution Summary: The Verinon team provided the client with a detailed assessment of their existing system and set up a repeatable migration process for migration of contents, metadata and application configuration. This repeatable process was tested and validated in the customer’s test environment giving the client a high-level of confidence that the documented process would appropriately prepare them for their production migration. Verinon’s migration process was repeated in the production environment and achieved the client’s desired results. As part of migration, the customer’s existing systems were retired and new hardware infrastructure, OS, and database was upgraded to the latest version of Documentum to meet all the system requirements for Documentum 6.5. All of the client’s contents were successfully migrated along with metadata, as well as the re-development of workflows for Documentum 6.5. Documentum business process components & full-text indexing were also re-configured on the Documentum 6.5 repository and the customer’s custom user-interface was replaced with Webtop 6.5.

Technologies: Documentum Content Server, Documentum Transformation Services, Brava, Full-text indexing, Documentum Administrator