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SharePoint Online - Power Apps and Power Automate Solution for a Research, Development and Manufacturing Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Company: Research, development and manufacturing company based in California


Our customer is a leading American public research, development and manufacturing company. For more than 15 years, The Company provides analytical instruments, software, services and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow.

This company pioneered the development focuses its products and services on six markets: food, environmental and forensics, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, chemical and energy, and research.

Our client had the following content migration requirements:

  • Develop an online tool for an Internal Market Access Plan.
  • Solution must be developed on Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint Online List.
  • Solution must leverage standard SharePoint Online features.

The Challenge:

As one of the largest public research, development and manufacturing companies in the world–a major challenge is ensuring that internal and external collaboration becomes standardized on a single platform. A "tangible", useable tool that enables Product Managers to access the right people in Organization specific to country based to answer the right questions about the specific to country regulatory and operating environment Designed from ground up to work for our specific country operating environment. "For example, let’s say you work for an insurance claims processing company, where clients fill out digital forms, paper forms, or communicate through email,". "The claim is processed on modern cloud services while staff also maintain cumbersome paper records and legacy applications. With Power Automate, this entire process can be automated. Digitized data from scanned paper forms is processed with AI that recognizes forms, and old legacy systems can be automated with RPA — one platform that brings both worlds together seamlessly."


To meet these objectives Verinon engaged its Power Apps and Power Automate services team to accomplish this turnkey development project.

Based on our deep experience and innovative approach we have developed a new low-code business Power app that promotes business process automation enabling Product Managers to access the right people within the organization to answer the right questions about the China regulatory and operating environment.

Verinon’s proprietary development methodology is in place at numerous companies across many vertical industries within North America and Asian Pacific Regions. Our methodology is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.


The solution has been successfully implemented using the Power Apps and Power Automate platform as per our client’s requirements. Initial feedback after several months of the system utilization has been extremely positive.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to capture the right answer to right questions about the organization’s regulatory and operating environment.
  • Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of participating in survey.
  • The final solution covered of nearly 30-35 Power Apps forms and 10-15 popup forms with Complex Power Automate using 5-6 level approvals.

The Easy2Share Advantage

  • Detailed reporting and audit logs to facilitate an easy process of auditing
  • Takes into account issues of maintaining meta data, security, permissions, ownership information, access rights in recreating the same environment within Microsoft SharePoint
  • Product methodology that takes into consideration:
  • Leverage SharePoint’s power: SharePoint provides incremental features such as expanded meta data that can be populated as part of the migration process
  • Control Change Management: The process includes a customized look and feel and structure to minimize user confusion
  • Migrate at own pace: Most such migrations can’t be done as a onetime event where support is built to facilitate an easy-as-you-go approach.

Technologies: SharePoint Online, Power Apps