Content Management / DMS System Implementation using OpenText Documentum for Pipeline Company in Australia


Our customer is an international pipeline company providing full life-cycle support to the Oil and Gas industry in onshore pipelines and facilities, from conception and financial assistance through to engineering, procurement, construction, training, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Pipeline Company
Oil and Gas
EMC Documentum platform, TaskSpace, Process Engine, Brava


The client needed to replace their existing manual (paper process) with an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) or Content Management repository for electronically storing & sharing documents internally.


The Verinon team implemented the EMC Documentum xCP and Taskspace platform for the customer. The solution provided our client with a document vault to manage and to store their organizational documents (like Project Technical Documents, Transmittal Documents and Correspondence Documents) in a centralized repository rather than storing them in individuals PCs or in a Network location. This allowed users from different departments to access their latest document revisions. All physical documents from user to user were completely transferred through Correspondence Manager. This Transmittal solution was designed to assist the document controller in creating and managing incoming and outgoing transmittals and share project documents between internal project teams, remote team members and external vendors and contractors. The Engineering team has benefited from the solution by giving them the functionality to view and annotate the CAD images using Brava. Advanced search was also configured to enable users to retrieve the required documents within seconds by using Documentum’s delivered search.

EDMS Solution for a Pipeline Company in Australia
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