Document Management System on SharePoint

Document Management System on SharePoint


Our customer is Singapore’s national institute for applied solar energy research. It conducts industry oriented research and development as well as use-inspired basic research in the field of solar energy conversion. The institute collaborates closely with the solar industry.


Singapore’s national institute for applied solar energy research




SharePoint WSS 3.0, MySQL Server


Our customer needed a web based Document management system that would cater to their specific research environment. The system would need to automate the research process through document creation and the ability to collaborate internally and externally on documents that were created. In addition, they needed the system to delegate tasks, as set up by a super user for tracking, audit trails and generation of reports.


The Verinon team developed a custom Document Management System based on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 platform. The solution simplified the document creation and sharing process with a web-based user interface, which allowed users from various teams internal teams to store and share their documents with proper access rights. The system allowed for; document storing and sharing by multiple users based on privileges, standardized (configurable) and auto creation of file structures in the server for each new customer, major/minor versioning of documents, Check-in, check-out ,tracking log for date/time stamps, amendments. Comprehensive reports were also available to the client via the SharePoint based reports the Verinon team developed.

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