Worldox to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Migration


The company is an American privately-owned, registered investment advisory (RIA) firm headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It provides personalized wealth management and asset management services, serving as a fiduciary to nearly 800 client relationships with over $1.1 Billion in assets under management.

It’s Wealth Planning process benefits from the practical expertise of our advisors. It addresses the challenges facing his clients’ financial situation and provides customized solutions. They guide clients down a pathway toward achieving their long-term objectives.

Our client determined that it was important for them to consolidate their existing Worldox content management platforms into a singular cloud-based solution. Their objective was to migrate away from the existing Worldox platform in favor of Microsoft’s SharePoint Office 365 hosted solution. This migration would allow them to decommission an on-premisesWorldox system that was difficult to support internally.

The project involved the migration of 100 thousand varying types of documents from Worldox along with the content’s associated Cabinets, Taxonomy, Metadata & Permissions over to SharePoint Office 365 under extremely tight timelines.

Customer had the following content migration requirement:

Migration of their Worldox to SharePoint o365 and OneDrive.

American Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm
Migration from Worldox to SharePoint o365 / OneDrive
Worldox, SharePoint o365, OneDrive.

The Challenge

Our client’s Worldox migration was relatively straightforward with respect to the extraction of Worldox content. However, they had manydocuments. During the export process the project significantly proved time consuming due to the large number documents and related consolidation. In addition, certain types of documents created issues pertaining to extraction and to some extent imports, though the client didn’t need most of them. The Verinon team transformed and rebuilt the relevant metadata in accordance with the client’s search related needs. In spite of all noted issues, the migration was delivered on time and on budget.


To meet these objectives Verinon was engaged for global content migration services to accomplish this turnkey migration project.

By deploying our services methodology and using Verinon’s Easy2Share migration tool, Verinon’s delivery team was able to complete the migration on time and within the budgetary needs of the client.

Verinon’sservices migration services methodology consists of

Verinon’s proprietary content migration methodology is inplace at numerous companies across many vertical industries within North America and AsianPacific Regions. Our methodology is proven and offers guaranteed business result.

This approach centers on the following steps that have proven critical on each such migration:

Planning: This initial step includes an evaluation of existing Worldox environment, including an Easy2Share assessment process which includes a proof-of-concept migration of a sample Worldox content(s) with the purpose of establishing a plan and schedule for the migration process.

Analyze Content: The next step is to analyze the existing Worldox content and make any necessary adjustments, if necessary, from within the source. This is also the necessary step to plan for an in- process data transformation.

Migrate: The next step is to Migrate all the data from Worldox to SharePoint o365 and OneDrive.

Verify / Validate: Finally, this approach calls for an active verification and validation of the results. The Easy2Share process involves a series of Analysis, pre-extract, and post-import reports to validate the process. In addition, there are audit logs at each step review each step in this process.

Result: There are several things one must properly match from the Worldox environment to one inSharePoint o365. In addition to proper matching, the result has to be auditable and verifiable.

Full Auditable: In addition to the fact that detailed logs are created as part of the Process, both summary and detailed reporting both as it relates to users and objects is incorporated into both the Jive and SharePoint o365 end of the process.


The solution has been successfully migrated all Worldoxcontents to SharePoint o365 and has received very positive feedback after several months of the system’s utilization.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

Ensure High Availability of Your Services

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