Zenoss Core Implemention and ongoing support


Client is a regulatory authority. They wanted to proactively monitor and manage their network infrastructure, Servers and Applications ensure the performance of their Applications and Network devices in the Datacenter and remote locations.

Vision was to accelerate time-to-value and lower total cost-of-ownership by adopting Zenoss Core as monitoring services that is managed and supported by an outsourced organization, so that their internal IT team can focus on their core business issues. Verinon was selected for deployment of Zenoss Core Monitoring Solutions and providing ongoing support of Zenoss Core 5.X application for their network, servers, Applications and infrastructure monitoring. Business goal was to minimize their downtime and provide alerts when problems occur without consuming the time of their core IT personnel.


Securities Regulatory


Regulatory Authority


Zenoss Core 5.X


Verinon was selected for Zenoss implementation, support, manage and maintain Zenoss Core NMS platform. Verinon’s team has provided implementation and ongoing support to the monitoring system for auto discovery of devices, network traffic stats, alert management, log monitoring and report generation, to optimize and improve the performance of the Zenoss Core. We provided support to monitor Application Servers, Database Servers, Server and Network Racks, Storage, Network Appliances like Router, Switches, Firewall, load balancer, etc. Added Servers and Network Devices use SSH, SNMP or WinRM. Discover system chassis, physical disks, temperature sensors, processors, virtual disks, memory cards, ports, fans and other key components. Discover blade enclosures and their management consoles, as well as the enclosure components and mapping of slots to blade servers. Monitor memory, throughout, disk utilization, power consumption, and processor speeds. Focus on monitoring file systems, network interfaces, CPU utilization, OS information, and installed software. Developed transforms for Network interface for all network devices to get exact threshold value, resolve SNMPV3 configuration/issues for network devices. Provided backup and restoration scheduling methods via script. Worked on false SNMP events from Network devices. Once the system was stabilized, proactive monitoring was commenced, Verinon’s team quickly put together best practice recommendations for best utilization of Zenoss Core and implemented the same. Currently this is an ongoing engagement and client is realizing the value of Verinon’s involvement and value added.

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