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Documentum migration to SharePoint for a fluids manufacturing organization to handle Virtual Documents within SharePoint

Industry: Multinational services for fluids manufacturing Corporation based USA

Company: American management and administrative services company


Our customer is a leading American management and administrative services company for fluids manufacturing. Their core expertise includes nutrition for both humans and animals; food grade manufacturing knowledge and facilities; and distribution and marketing into the ever-changing world of food production for people and animals.

As part of their need to standardize on a content management and collaboration platform they had the following content migration requirements:

  • Migration of Documentum content to SharePoint.
  • Managing Virtual documents structures or having a direct equivalent in SharePoint as it exists in their current Documentum content management system

The Challenge:

The concept of virtual or compound documents is not limited to any one content management software offering. However, virtual documents are one of the often-deployed optional features from within the Opentext Documentum software stack. In today's business environments, some organizations utilizing both Documentum and SharePoint are at times grappling with the issue of how to manage some functional components when available on one platform but not the other. Virtual documents structures are one such instance where a direct equivalent, as it exists in Documentum, doesn't natively exist in SharePoint.


To meet these objectives Verinon engaged its global migration services team to not only migrate the client’s content from Documentum to SharePoint, but also create a structure within SharePoint that mimicked the Virtual Documents structures that Documentum provided.

Verinon’s services team employed our migration methodology which consists of 1) Analysis of the customers content through our scanning process of their environment and subsequent robust reporting. 2) Planning for issues platform differences requiring change management and possible customizations. 3) Export of all Documentum content to SharePoint and migration of all exported content and associated Metadata (created, created by, modified by) from the source system to SharePoint/O365 4) Transformation of all source content and metadata through the Easy2Share migration tool into a staging environment. 5) Loading of all files and folders into Office 365SharePoint. 6) Validation by the Verinon services team to ensure the content is accurate and migrated per customer requirements. 7) Handover of the newly migrated content to business owners/users.

Verinon also provided a productized solution for managing the client’s Virtual Documents as they existed in Documentum on the Office 365 SharePoint platform. The Virtual Document Solution (VDS) provided the following:


The project (Migration and Managing Virtual Documents) was successfully executed, in terms of  migrating and all content to Office 365 SharePoint as well as deploying the virtual document structure process within SharePoint.  The system has been in use for 3+ years and adoption of the platform has increased significantly over that span of time.

Among the most important business benefits noted by the Customer are:

  • Vastly reduced the amount of time necessary to migrate content
  • Allowed for the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  • Modification of the migration tool on the fly to accommodate customer’s unique needs
  • Managing Virtual documents structures in SharePoint environment with following advantages
    • Structural Privilege & Security
    • File level Privilege & Security
    • Ease of use
    • Version Control
    • File storage is not structure dependent
    • No boundary on depth of structure

Technologies: Documentum, Office 365 SharePoint, Easy2Share