Verinon Solutions Achieves ISO 9001-2000 Certification

Verinon Solutions Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification

CHICAGO – Verinon Solutions Pvt. Limited, an offshore development center of Verinon Solutions, Inc., a leading system integration consultancy with expertise in areas including document management, business intelligence and collaborative platform systems, today announced its ISO 9001:2000 certification after attaining the global quality standards set forth for software companies by the ISO, a network of national standards institutes across more than 150 countries.

Initially in 2004, Verinon Solutions achieved this same certification post an involved process, which included a comprehensive audit. Under the direction of Venkat Dasika, CTO Verinon Solutions, Pvt. Limited, the internal development team implemented the standard across all the business processes and procedures, including addressing customization requests, incorporating product enhancements, addressing product issues, and testing for quality.

Prior to the initial certification process two years ago, it took eight months to imbibe the process and culture across the organization involving a team deployment team of fifteen resources, said Venkat Dasika, CTO of Verinon Solutions Technology Solutions Pvt. Limited. Our experience and commitment to this process was verified in follow-up surveillance audits which are conducted once every 9 months. Looking back, I can easily say this was a significant step in the right direction for our company and to provide high quality services to our clients.

Beyond our company’s continued commitment to quality and excellence, our clients and partners were advising us to take this necessary step back in 2004, added Pradeep Mannemela, Group President for Asian Operations. Today, ISO is engrained into the core of our culture. It is part of us.

Verinon Solutions sought out this certification primarily to be an organization committed to providing the best service to its clients.

Paul Han, Head of Documentum Solutions Group for Fuji Xerox Singapore said We serve clients who often times have unique needs and yet expect the very best. Hence, we prefer to work with companies who are focused on quality and attention to detail that is expected of us by our clients. He added, Though we are very pleased with past services from Verinon Solutions, this continuous pursuit of higher quality further enhances our desire to build on the existing relationship. We are pleased that the management of Verinon Solutions considers quality important such that they have invested so much into integrating it into the entire company.