Big Data Analytics Services

Consulting, data processing and management, analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.
Big Data Analytics Services

Big Data Analytics Services

Verinon offers big data analytics services and can help organizations to design, architect, deploy and support Big Data platforms consisting of tools, technologies and processes which can give insights of data through which organizations gain competitive advantage over their competition.

Verinon's Big Data Analytics Offerings:

Big Data Analytics Advisory

With our expertise on various Hadoop distributions, MPP, time series databases, cloud storage systems and other emerging technologies, Verinon can help organizations take advantage of industry best technologies by providing advisory services on Big Data Analytics. Verinon can assist in designing, architecting, and deploying solutions, providing recommendations for best practices, and even developing a proof of concept or proof of value based on business needs through advisory services

Big Data Analytics Support Services

Verinon offers Hadoop administration for any distribution, including monitoring and configuration, as well as visualization tools, analysis tools, business intelligence tools, performance monitoring, and data loading as required into the Hadoop environment. Additionally, we provide platform health checks through our Big Data Analytics Support Services. Verinon offers Support Services Engagements in many flexible engagement models

Big Data Analytics Deployment Services

Verinon offers design, and architecture services, deploying a choice of Hadoop distributions, Time series databases, MPP databases, data processing using Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Spark, Nifi, develop the solutions using Java, Scala, Python or Ruby on MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, or others on AWS, Azure or bare metal deployments. Verinon can help implement Data Lakes, perform relational analysis using RedShift, Vertica or other systems, develop analytics with Spark, R, Python or others and do Visualization, business intelligence reporting using Tableau, Datameer, Alpine, Arcadia or other systems. Verinon can help organizations develop Preventive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics on the platform deployed or can develop custom built Sales Analytics, Service Analytics, Distribution Analytics or can even develop competitive analysis depending on the data available. All these advanced analytics support the decision making process for making it easier to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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