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Migrating Infopath Forms to Microsoft 365 Power Apps

In preparation for what will ultimately become an unsupported platform, thoughts of “what to do next?” will be a prevailing theme for consumers of Microsoft InfoPath forms.

Cloud based systems to SharePoint: Jive Case Study

Leveraging the hosted or cloud-based business applications continues to be one of today's hot topics. Though available in an in-house installable version, these days, a large portion of software vendors are offering hosted or cloud-based versions of their products with attractive cost savings.

How to handle Virtual Documents within SharePoint?

Especially in the past couple of years, there has been a rise in inteThough not limited to any one content management product, the concept of virtual or compound documents is mainly a Documentum based option. rest by organizations to move off of one or many legacy portal or document & content management systems over to SharePoint.

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