Microsoft Office 365 Implementation and Support

Verinon is right partner for your enterprise Office 365 implementation
Microsoft Office 365 Implementation Services

Microsoft Office 365 Implementaion Services

Verinon is your trusted partner for delivering top-notch Microsoft Office 365 services, boasting a wealth of experience in executing numerous Office 365 projects and delivering exceptional support.

Our comprehensive suite of Microsoft Office 365 implementation services is designed to empower businesses to fully leverage this platform. Our team of experts is poised to assist you at every stage of the journey, from meticulous planning and seamless migration to meticulous configuration and sustained support.

By engaging our Microsoft Office 365 implementation services, businesses gain access to invaluable guidance and support for seamlessly integrating this powerful suite of productivity tools into their daily operations. This integration, in turn, leads to increased collaboration, bolstered security, and heightened workflow efficiency, all of which contribute to enhanced business performance.

Whether you’re contemplating a migration from a traditional on-premises collaborative platform, transitioning away from your current setup, upgrading from SharePoint, or seeking the right partner for your M365 environment, Verinon stands ready to provide a comprehensive suite of services. We recognize that each business is unique, and over the course of our existence, we have continually evolved to meet our customers’ dynamic and demanding requirements. Verinon offers a variety of M365 consulting services that are tailored to your specific business needs. Our highly experienced M365 consultants collaborate with you to unlock the full potential of Office 365 through various engagement models.

Verinon's Microsoft Office 365 Implementation Services

Verinon Office 365 Competencies

Verinon’s Office 365 Services

Office 365 Implementation Migration or Support Services

Right Partner for Microsoft Office 365 Implementation, Migration, or Support Services

Choosing a right partner for your SharePoint needs is very important for your business requirement. Verinon with its solid experience on SharePoint and Office 365 has not only implemented SharePoint. We have pioneered a proven methodology which makes us unique in very successful SharePoint and Office 365 services company. It has built tools for upgrade and migration along with so many other custom BI tools. Our SharePoint & Office 365 experts are highly experienced and certified. We have developed our own methodology of delivering SharePoint and Office 365 roll-outs. We welcome to talk to any of our 50+ customers to understand the difference and reliability on delivery.

Internal Governance Compliance

Verinon Office 365 Internal Governance Compliance

Verinon can provide consulting services on Office 365 eco-system based on internal governance policies. Consider us to provide ongoing support and frequent checks to make sure that the policies are complying per the internal policies.

Office 365 Deployment and Migration Services

Verinon Office 365 Deployment and/or Migration Services

Verinon can provide full cycle Office 365 implementation services for custom Office 365 deployment as per the customer’s plan of choice (E1 through E4, ProPlus of any custom), Complete provisioning of domain and migration to Office 365 per your requirement, Migration or deployment to Exchange Online for Email, encryption, search configuration, Lync deployment, provide solutions for Identity Management, Active Directory, Single Sign-on or hybrid approach, Custom Configuration or solution development, third party app/product integrations. Verinon can be engaged for post deployment or migration support services for any period of your choice.

Remote Monitoring Managed Services

Verinon Office 365 Remote Monitoring & Managed Services

Verinon provides comprehensive Office 365 remote monitoring, provisioning, and support services so that your service is secure and reliable. We offer 24 X 7 X 365 monitoring with frequent performance checks and providing time to time recommendations for optimal performance out of your Office 365 investment on various customized engagement models.

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